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Exhibition Services 


Attendance at Exhibitions and Road Shows are an essential marketing tool for many businesses but the logistics requirements can be daunting, especially for overseas events.


Working directly with the registered on-site logistics teams, Western Logistics provides a comprehensive solution from collection to stand, and after show returns.

Exhibition Services


  • Packing
  • Export Freight
  • Certified Documents
  • Carnet or Bond Clearance
  • Pre Show storage
  • On-site facilities
  • After show pack & return

From initial planning through packing, transport, customs clearance and on-site support, we are with you for the whole journey. Fully inclusive pricing ensures that your business can accurately forecast attendance costs for your full event programme.

With access to over 400 vehicles throughout Europe we will plan the fastest route to make sure we are on the door step when you need us there.​

Dedicated Vehicles


UK to Europe or Europe to UK, when time is not on your side out Dedicated vehicles can make your deadline.

Exhibition Services


  • Collection with 3 hours
  • 24/7 operation
  • Satellite Tracked vehicles

Certified Documents


Through our membership of the Chamber of Commerce we are members of the EZ docs system which allows us to produce your certified documents for all export requirements.

With applications made in-house and printed locally, where applicable, we can produce your certified documents within minutes.​

Exhibition Services


  • Packing
  • EUR1
  • AT.R
  • EU Certificate of Origin
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • Certified Invoices
  • Carnet

Global Network


Our Elite Membership of the WWPC global freight network provides us with a global logistics network covering over 800 partner offices across 185 countries.

This combined agency network exceeds many of the largest multinational freight forwarders and, combined with local expertise, ensures that we can deliver a total distribution solution, whatever the destination.​

Exhibition Services
  • 185 Countries
  • 800 Offices
  • 1 Delivery Solution

Dedicated Vehicle
Certified Documents
Global Network
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